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Beauty Butt lift surgery: ‘Why I’m getting rid of my implants’


Beauty Butt lift surgery: ‘Why I’m getting rid of my implants’

Image copyright Sophie Elise Sophie Elise was 20 years old when she decided that she wanted a bigger bum.The Norwegian blogger and TV personality – who describes herself as a “very skinny, petite” woman – says she just “wanted a little lift” in that area of her body. It wasn’t hard to start researching the…

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beauty A collage photo of Sophie Elise Image copyright
Sophie Elise

Sophie Elise was 20 years old when she chose that she desired a bigger bottom.

The Norwegian blog writer and TELEVISION personality – who describes herself as a “very slim, petite” female – says she just “wanted a little lift” because area of her body.

It wasn’t tough to begin investigating the surgical treatment.

Influencers all over her Instagram were promoting locations and cosmetic surgeons who might carry out butt enhancement and BBL – Brazilian Butt Raise – treatments.

She found somewhere in Turkey that looked “really high-end”. And the cost tag? Well she will not expose the exact figure but states it was a bargain.

” Honestly, it was method less expensive than it was expected to be. It should have cost way more,” Sophie tells Radio 1 Newsbeat.

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Sophie Elise

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Sophie had the surgery 5 years ago.

” They sold me a very luxurious dream. In the plan you had aftercare, they offered you a personal chauffeur, you had internal medical help, the health center itself looked spick-and-span. Yeah, I felt like it was an excellent choice.”

So why, quite much 5 years after having implants put into her bottom, is she desperate to have those same implants eliminated?

The problems began when she got home.

As a “very public figure” in Norway, with two TV programs and a podcast – and almost 500,000 Instagram followers – she says remarks about the surgical treatment right away began rolling in.

Individuals thought it looked abnormal, that it didn’t match the rest of her body.

” I can see now that that’s not really what I must have had. Everything was just really hurried. And I can inform now that it wasn’t completely analyzed.”

The 24- year-old picked to have breast implant instead of a BBL procedure – which is when fat is drawn from parts of the body and injected into the buttocks.

Implants can be a better alternative for individuals without much fat on their body, but usually supply a larger increase in size than the BBL and can in some cases result in a less natural look, according to numerous cosmetic surgeons.

Sophie states she wasn’t too anxious in advance – regardless of the warnings about taking a trip abroad for cosmetic surgery.

Bottom lift surgical treatment has received a lot of unfavorable attention over the last few years, specifically following the deaths of two British women who travelled to Turkey to have actually BBLs done in 2015.

Patients “risk severe issues … and even death” by taking a trip abroad for cosmetic surgical treatment, according to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps).

Beauty ‘ They have to offer you that dream’

Sophie states she was in discomfort following the surgery – as she anticipated – but it’s really now that she’s dealing with a “reaction” over her decisions.

She says she’s concerned realise that she has “a lovely body” and now wishes to get them eliminated.

Sophie discovered a brand-new surgeon by researching through trusted sites – instead of through individuals promoted by influencers on Instagram.

But there’s been an issue.

” I can’t totally take the silicone out. I have to change it with new, smaller sized silicone,” she states.

” The new assessment that I have actually been to, they presume that the silicone that I have are actually breast augmentation.

” Undoubtedly, that’s not a good idea.”

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Media caption Black beauty and the Brazilian butt lift

She’s likewise re-thought the “high-end package” that occurred with her surgical treatment in Turkey.

” When you go to the doctor you’re supposed to be in and out and being taken care of by yourself.

” They should not need to sell you that fantasy of all the luxury around it.”

Sophie states she ‘d undergo the procedure once again with a much better surgeon.

But at the minute she’s concentrated on having what’s currently in there lowered to something as “small and natural-looking as it can go”.

” I do not be sorry for having an enhancement,” she states. “It’s simply that the enhancement that was put into me wasn’t fitted for me.

” So it’s not the surgical treatment, it’s simply the amount, I guess.”

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She states her most significant regret is that she “didn’t put more effort into research study”.

” It is essential to be open about it so that individuals do not fall into the same trap that I fell in.

” I don’t wish to warn anyone not to do anything. People need to do whatever they want to do.

” However if I can assist a sibling or 2, that would be fantastic. And the very best recommendations I have is do your research study. Don’t hurry into anything.

” And if it’s inexpensive, it’s most likely not worth it.”

Baaps President Simon Withey has previously said that “vulnerable” clients are “openly being targeted” through social networks and the internet to take a trip abroad for less expensive plastic surgery – and the trend is most likely to rise.

” The result of having these operations away from house can be ravaging. It’s not just case history than requirements assessing, however likewise psychological health screening, which we take very seriously at the Baaps.”

Baaps cautions versus “cosmetic surgery tourism” and says the “requirement of care is not comparable in every nation”.

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